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The Sounds of Freedom

For many of us, everything we do has a playlist. The music we listen to in the car on our way to work, while at work, mowing the lawn on the weekend, sitting on the back porch – they’re all different. The music we choose is representative of the mood we’re feeling while partaking in that activity. Music can give us energy to start the day, help us wind down at the end of a long day, and everything in between. Think about your favorite activities – is music involved?

When we think about boating and the mood it puts us in, music can help enhance that experience as well. Whether enjoying time as a family or getting out with friends – music is the backdrop to the experience you choose.

Next time you’re headed out on the boat, be sure to check out the specially curated Freedom Boat Club Spotify playlists. No matter what your musical preference, we’ve got a playlist for you!

FBC Spotify Playlists:

♪ Freedom Fishing Favorites by Bassmaster Brian Latimer

♪ Let Freedom Ring

♪ Country Clubbin’

♪ Freedom at the Helm – Women of Freedom Boat Club

♪ Rock the Boat

♪ Freedom Indie Pop

♪ It’s a Pontoon Party

♪ Rhythm, Boating & Blues

♪ Electronic Boat Music

♪ Boat Folk

♪ The Freedom Salute

♪ Freedom Songs

♪ Let Freedom Be 80s

A few friendly reminders as you enjoy your music out on the open water:

• Ensure music is not distracting (i.e. loud) to the point the captain’s ability to operate the vessel is impaired.

• Be respectful of your fellow boaters. Just as if you were at home, we have many neighbors when out on the water. Be courteous of your music’s volume and other considerations based on who is around you.

• Don’t forget spare batteries, phone/speaker chargers, etc. to keep the tunes going throughout your entire trip!

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