5 Great Family Boating Activities

When out on the water, there is no shortage of fun things to do with the family. You are likely familiar with the usual “go-to” activities – fishing, floating, swimming, and of course snack time! But what else? How do you keep the family connected – and engaged – throughout the summer months as you enjoy your time out on the water? 

The following are some great entertainment suggestions to add to your list of family boating activity ideas. 

Card Games 

Sometimes the family just needs a break from the water and sun. Consider packing a card game or two that is suitable for the entire family to take part in. Find some shade, grab your drinking water, and enjoy! 

A few suggested card games include: 

  • Apples to Apples (by Mattel Games) – good for large families, this comical, easy-to-learn game will draw a crowd in no time, and fun variations will keep it entertaining for multiple boat trips.
  • • UNO (by Mattel Games) – good for younger children, this classic color- and number-matching game is easy for kids to pick up.
  • • Gloom (by Atlas games) – good for teenage children (13+), this card game's dark subject matter and storyline-driven gameplay will convince teens to drop their phones and join you.

Create a Scavenger Hunt 

Create a list of objects you are likely to see during your trip. Type out the list, make copies, and hand them out to everyone onboard so they can keep an eye out while out on the water exploring. Some ideas for your list may include: 

  • • Another Freedom Boat Club boat/member! 
  • • Dock & dine restaurant
  • • Fish jumping out of water 
  • • Sailboat 
  • • Someone fishing 
  • • Someone kayaking 

Don’t forget to incentivize the group by declaring a winner with a special prize. For example, the winner gets to choose where the family has dinner after their day on the water!  

Go Geocaching 

Take your scavenger hunt digital with Geocaching! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices (i.e. your smart phone). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. 

Geocaching by boat allows your family to explore and search for geocache that others might not be able to find as easily by land.  Learn more about Geocaching and how to get started by visiting the Geocaching website.

Lunch with a View 

Boating provides families with the opportunity to come together around an “alternative” dinner table to enjoy a meal together (something easier said than done for most of us!). Make it extra special with your location and meal choice. 

If you’re looking to create a picnic, be sure to pack something that represents a “favorite” from each family member – your boat picnics will be remembered as the times when everyone’s favorite dishes come together. Also consider selecting a location you cannot easily get to by land. Bonus points if you can find an area that has an interesting surrounding area for the family to explore post-meal.  

If you’re looking for a dock & dine location, consider a restaurant that you typically would not frequent by land.  

Travel with Freedom (Boat Club) 

You and your family have been out exploring the waterways from your local Club(s) numerous times – great! But now what? Have you considered booking a reciprocal visit at one of our 275+ locations, packing up the family, and heading out? Create a plan and make it happen.  

Changing up your scenery can often provide your family an entirely new boating experience filled with new memories to be made. Our dock staff members are happy to provide local recommendations on places to go and visit. Whether you’re fishing, playing cards, or simply pleasuring cruising – the experience is sure to feel different from a new location.  

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