Experience the Best of Boating with Freedom Boat Club

We believe in the power of more. Freedom Boat Club is the world’s largest boat club with more than 90,000+ members and more than 400+ locations across North America, Europe and Australia. 


As a member, you enjoy the best of boating without any maintenance and upkeep. Even better, you’ll discover more adventure and excitement, more service and convenience, more waterways worldwide, more boats to take out, more connection and treasured memories, more thrills and laughs and more time out on the water. Let Freedom Boat Club be your path to the boating lifestyle - and offer you more. 


With several membership options to choose from, we help you boat your way. Connect with us to explore further and learn more.  

Learn about the boats and adventures awaiting for you at Freedom Boat Club

Mom and kids with FBC safety ring

Spring is quickly approaching and so is the start of peak boating season. At Freedom Boat Club, we are ready to help you create memories on the water with friends and family with unlimited boating access and premium service. All you so you can own the water – without owning the boat.


  • New to boating? No problem! As a member, you have unlimited training from licensed captains including 1-on-1, on-water instruction to ensure you're confident and qualified at the helm. 
  • Seasoned boater? Enjoy the best part of the boating lifestyle without all the responsibility of owning a boat including time and money for upkeep, servicing, cleaning and insurance.
  • Enjoy premium service from dockside staff and beyond. As the world’s oldest and largest boat club, we are committed to delivering remarkable experiences to our members as well as providing community. 
  • Sustainability benefits. Shared access means more efficient use of boat resources as multiple members enjoy the benefits of a single vessel. 

Join today to receive all of the member benefits, including:

Mom and kids with FBC safety ring


  • Unlimited access to the fleet of boats at your home club location
  • Unlimited training from our certified captains including on-water instruction to ensure you're confident at the helm
  • Unlimited dosckside services - we handle the storage, maintenance, insurance, cleaning and fueling, so you can simply arrive and drive
  • Access to our reciprocal program to boat at any of our 400+ locations across North America, Europe and Australia
  • Invites to our member-only socials and events to connect with like-minded boaters


How much is it? Are there different membership options?

The pricing structure is much like a country club. You will pay a one-time entry fee and monthly dues based on the membership that you choose. Connect with the club nearest you to learn more about membership options and current promotions!

How do I make a reservation?

Reserving a boat has never been easier. Simply log in to your reservation dashboard and choose your desired date, vessel, and time slot.

How much can I boat?

Freedom Boat Club unlocks easy boating for members with 4 rolling reservations at any given time.

How many boats do you have?

Number and type of boats will vary by location. Connect with the club nearest you to learn more about the local fleet.



Membership offers enriching on and off water connections with world's oldest and largest boating community.


Enjoy boating adventures away from home. Plan your next vacation to experience reciprocal access to any of our 400+ locations worldwide.


We take care of the maintenance, cleaning, repair, insurance and storage.


Cruising, Fishing, Watersports – our fleet offers a selection of boats to fit your next adventure.


Our concierge-level, dockside support ensures that your loading, unloading and docking experiences are effortless. It’s walk on, walk off boating.


New to boating? Membership offers unlimited training from qualified captains including on-water instruction to ensure you're confident at the helm.

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