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What Types of Boats are in the Freedom Boat Club Fleet?

Did you know that in North America, Freedom Boat Club sports a robust fleet of more than 1,500 boats?

One of the best things about being a member of Freedom Boat Club is the opportunity to enjoy that fleet through reciprocal access.  It’s always fun to experience different types of boats around the country, and to enjoy a variety of boating activities.  

While Freedom Boat Club does have strong boat manufacturer relationships in place with leading brands that we make available to our franchisees, our club owners and operators are not required to purchase a specific mix of brands or boat types. They have the flexibility and the freedom to select both brands and boat models that are best suited to their local market and waterways.

For example, if you’re considering joining a boat club in Florida, you’ll likely find pontoons, deckboats, bowriders and fishing boats in your club’s fleet as these are all very popular with boaters in this market.  Some of our southern locations also offer wakeboard boats, sailboats and kayaks. However, if you were joining in the Great Lakes, you’d likely not find a deckboat with its modified vee hull in the mix, as it’s not particularly well suited to the water conditions there.

For the most part, the boats in the Freedom Boat Club fleet are single engine products that typically range in length from 17’ to 25’.

If you’d like to know exactly what boats are in the Freedom Boat Club fleet in your market of interest, click on the “locations” page on the FreedomBoatClub.com website, enter your club location(s) of interest, and once you arrive to the location of choice, click on the “fleet” section.

In addition, the local membership executive at each of the Freedom Boat Clubs throughout North America are on standby to answer any and all questions you may have about the fleet or club membership.

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