From Skeptic to Boat Lover: Meet FBC of Seattle Members Pam and Steve
Think you had to grow up at the helm of a boat in order to be a member of Freedom Boat Club? Think again! 

Freedom Boat Club Members Pam and her husband Steve had recently retired and moved to the Seattle area, having previously only lived in land-locked areas. According to Pam, their experiences with boating were virtually non-existent and they had only been on boats a handful of times in their lives. 

Pam said Steve started expressing an interest in boats and was eager to get out on the water, but she was skeptical. “Since we had never boated before I wasn’t sure about it. It was mostly our lack of experience that worried me, as well as being unsure if we’d use it enough to make it worth the cost,” explained Pam.

She said Steve told her about Freedom Boat Club and explained it wasn’t as big a commitment as buying a boat. “Seeing the boats and hearing how we only had to do the fun part (and FBC would take care of all the rest) helped a lot.  I was also heavily persuaded by the fact that FBC was going to provide the training we needed.”

Pam said she now loves boating. “It only took one gorgeous day out on Puget Sound to completely convert me. It’s so incredibly beautiful and peaceful on the water.  Once we get out there, I can feel all my stress and anxiety just melt away and I feel such peace, joy and happiness. The landscapes around the Sound are stunning, and seeing it all from the boat makes it that much more majestic.”

Pam said her previous worries about their inexperience or not going boating enough to make it worth the cost are gone.

“We are getting out on the water as often as we can.  The training was great, and the boating community has been so warm and helpful. I can’t wait to start taking our family out there for summer picnics on the water! Joining Freedom Boat Club is one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving here.”

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