Is Freedom Boat Club Only For Experienced Boaters … and Boat Owners?

Some people mistakenly conclude that Freedom Boat Club is only for seasoned skippers.

In addition, some confuse us with a “yacht club” and incorrectly conclude that our members own their own boats.

We appreciate the opportunity to clear up any confusion and to set the record straight.

First, Freedom Boat Club is for anyone with an interest in boating and the boating lifestyle!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been boating all of your life, or if you’ve only viewed it from afar and have just dreamed about life on the water. We embrace lifelong boating enthusiasts and newcomers alike, with equal zeal and enthusiasm!

Freedom Boat Club has thousands of members throughout North America.

Many of our members are, in fact, former or lapsed boat owners who, for whatever reason, have traded in their keys for the relaxing, maintenance-free boating lifestyle we offer. The convenience of accessing quality, late model boats without any worry about service, trailering or ownership costs, appeals to many long-term boating aficionados.

At the other end of the spectrum, many of our members are boating “newbies” who were attracted to and have joined the club for a variety of reasons.

Some found themselves living in an area where boating is a popular pastime and they wanted to discover exciting new adventures afloat.

Others may have spent time in the past with friends or family members who owned a boat, and thought it would be fun to finally experience boating firsthand.

Within our ranks are those who wanted to go boating, but didn’t know how to get started and were perhaps a bit intimidated due to their lack of boating knowledge or inexperience. These members love the opportunity Freedom Boat Club provides to enjoy free, unlimited ongoing training under the direction of our licensed captains. The mix of personalized classroom and on-water instruction appeals and does the fact that it is free, on an unlimited basis, as part of the membership package.

For some larger city dwellers looking for new options in family recreation, Freedom Boat Club has become their go-to “urban green space” and favorite escape.

Another major draw for newcomers (and skilled boaters too!) to that the boat club provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy and/or test a variety of different types of boats from leading manufacturers. While every club owner has the option to choose boats for each club fleet best suited to the unique waterways and geography, most offer multiple brands and types of boats for member usage. It’s a big part of the successful Freedom Boat Club model.

Members really love the option to boat on different vessels. For example, you may want to load up your family for a picnic and leisurely stretch out on one of our popular and very comfortable pontoons. On another day, you might grab your pals and your rods and reels to go fishing on one of our inshore of offshore boats. The sportboats and bowriders are a perfect pick if you’re interested in launching some watersports activities, with the gang and tubes in tow. Or maybe it’s a hop with friends or your date to a favorite restaurant via a deckboat … or enjoying the breeze and catching some wind on a daysailer. Variety is the spice of life at Freedom Boat Club and it’s simply fun to enjoy the boating life in all of its many options!

Interestingly, we know that approximately 20 percent of our members will eventually purchase a new or used boat of their own. Freedom Boat Club serves as one of the major funnels to boat ownership, and we are always happy to connect our well educated members to local retailers when and if they should choose that path. Many of our members who choose to invest in ownership after a period of time not surprisingly select models and brands from our fleet.

As we hope this article has explained, we are not a “yacht club.” Our members do not own boats or have any costs associated with maintaining them. As a “boating club,” Freedom Boat Club purchases and owns all of the boats in our fleet, and we insure, service and maintain them for our members to use and enjoy.

One of the most popular aspects of most Freedom Boat Club membership plans is reciprocal access. If you are a year ‘round member of the club with reciprocal benefits, you can boat anywhere a Freedom Boat Club is located. Visiting New England? Choose from a dozen plus locations. Florida? More than 40 clubs await! Texas? The Great Lakes? California? Canada? Washington State? Georgia, North or South Carolina? Idaho? Washington DC, Annapolis or Baltimore? With more than 130 locations, Freedom Boat Club has got you covered! Visit and the locations tab reveals all the exciting places you can go boating!

Finally, Freedom Boat Club is a social club, another major distinction that sets us apart from other boating options. When you join the club, you have the opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with other members who share your passion for the boating lifestyle.

Clubs host regular activities for members, ranging from after hours events to dock parties, from recreational cruises and sporting events to women’s Diva gatherings. Many clubs also host fishing seminars in cooperation with West Marine. Several also have community partnerships in place, offering discounts or special promotions as an added benefit to the club membership. And most all of the clubs are actively engaged in charitable causes including our national initiatives with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, among others on a regional level.

In closing, Freedom Boat Club opens a dynamic and exciting world of boating adventure and fun to all. No matter your boating skills, we welcome you to the club!

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