If I Need to Cancel My Membership for Any Reason, May I Do So Without Penalty?

Freedom Boat Club enjoys a 93 percent average annual retention rate amongst its membership, which is quite an achievement for an international club with 15,000+ memberships!

However, we understand that some of our members may choose to one day leave the club, for reasons entirely their own.

We track our memberships and survey regularly for customer satisfaction. Interestingly, we’ve learned that of the seven percent on average who leave the club each year, the reasons vary across the board.

A percentage leave because of aging or health issues that impact their ability to safely use or operate the boats. Others have left to pursue other recreational pastimes or investments. Some leave because they simply weren’t able to take full advantage of boating opportunities available. Some cancel due to the loss of a spouse or significant other. Unexpected financial hardships on occasion may dictate the need to cancel.

In such instances, the question arises: what do I need to do to cancel my membership?

Unlike many membership organizations that incur heavy penalties for cancellation, Freedom Boat Club makes it very easy to terminate your membership, regardless of your reason to do so.

To cancel your membership, all that is required from most of the club locations is receipt of a written notice at least 60-days in advance of your requested cancellation date. Be sure to check with your local club to confirm the specific advance notice requirement, as a few clubs may require longer lead times. Each of the clubs have the right to dictate this advance notification policy for their operation.

Please include in your official dated cancellation letter key information including your name, address, telephone, e-mail and membership number, along with the reason for the membership cancellation. We are unable to proceed without this information. The letter should be sent to your local club directly, or to whomever they designate within the organization. Be sure to ask.

Upon receipt of your written cancellation, Freedom Boat Club will process your request and contact you to confirm its completion.

While we love having our members actively engaged in the Freedom Boat Club family, we understand circumstances may change and may dictate membership adjustments.

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