How Many People Can I Take Boating at Once on a Freedom Boat Club Vessel?

Freedom Boat Club encourages members to bring family and friends aboard to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our policy on the number of people allowed on a boat at any one time is dictated by both the Coast Guard provisions for our boating activity, coupled with the manufacturer specifications for each and every boat in our fleet. On Federal navigable waterways, USCG Rules and Regs require our boats to carry no more than the member (acting as the captain) plus 12 people (or fewer, if the boat maximum is less than 13).

As part of its comprehensive manufacturing processes, each manufacturer researches weight and passenger allocations to dictate mandated safety guidelines. This information is required to be published in their operations manual. Freedom Boat Club follows these guidelines explicitly.

Each boat in the FBC fleet has a different specification: a pontoon boat will obviously accommodate more passengers than a smaller skiff or bowrider. To be sure, we suggest you consult with your local dock about the passenger specifications for the boat models of interest, and then plan your outing accordingly. If a group shows up at the dock with more people than the manufacturer specifications designate for the boat reserved, we will have to ask our member to make an adjustment in order to comply with the required safety guidelines. Again, this is all done to ensure safe boating practices for our members and their guests.

As there are currently 2,000+ boats in our North American fleet, comprised of a mix of brands, makes and models, we are unable to publish a comprehensive guide. Please check with your local dock for passenger specifications and details, especially when considering hosting a larger party.