Freedom Boat Club Reservation System

How Does Freedom Boat Club’s Reservation System Work?


Freedom Boat Club has a customized, proprietary online reservation system built exclusively for use by its members. Franchise club owners/operators have the option to tap into this system, or to handle their own club reservations directly. The vast majority choose to use the existing, state-of-the art reservation system, while some of the smaller clubs prefer to handle reservations directly.


If the corporate system is utilized, all members with an email address may access the reservation system as soon as they have completed their initial training.


To make a reservation, members can opt to either call the designated club reservationist directly, or go online. Check with your local club for the reservationist’s hours of operation as this will vary. Of course, the online reservation system allows 24/7 access.


If for any reason a member needs to cancel a reservation, this should be done immediately with the reservationist directly, or if it falls outside standard reservationist hours, with the dockmaster where the boat was reserved. We totally understand there are unforeseen circumstances where cancellations are necessary. There are absolutely no fees incurred to cancel a reservation. However, should a member fail to cancel and simply not show up, he may incur a small fee as this may preclude another member from enjoying an outing. Each individual Freedom Boat Club operator makes this policy, so be sure to ask.


In terms of reciprocal reservations where you are reserving a boat outside of your home market, the process is dictated by each of the clubs. Some may allow reservations to be made directly with your club of choice via online or by telephone reservation, while others may prefer to handle this in their members’ behalf, directly. Once again, consult with your local club to determine what method is used for reciprocal reservations.


The great news is that Freedom Boat Club has been handling reservations for literally thousands of members every year since 1989. When you join Freedom Boat Club, you can count on the experience of our team to ensure your reservation process is as simple and easy as possible.



Watch our videos on how to use our reservation system.  Learn more about our boat club memberships, plus get answers to frequently asked questions.

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