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Pontoons and Deck Boats and Bowriders, Oh My!
Your Guide to FBC Boats

With more than 5,000+ boats across the Freedom fleet, we pride ourselves on offering members a variety of models to support their on-water adventures. From center consoles and pontoons to bowriders, off shore fishing boats and wake boats, we have it all. The best part? We are continuously refreshing our fleet, so you can enjoy the latest models and technology – and choose the boat that best fits your needs on any given outing.

(Keep in mind that boats will vary based on the types best suited for each location. Always check with your Club for an overview of what is included in your local fleet.)

1. Pontoon Boats

Features: Pontoon boats are flat, rectangular boats, with 2 tubes underneath (another variety you might see at your club are tritoons, which feature 3 tubes). Pontoons are well known as cruising boats and feature a wide deck which provides ample space for passengers to easily move around, making them the usual choice for parties up to 12 people.

Best for: A variety of different activities such as cruising, fishing, entertaining, and lounging.

Where you’ll find them: Most FBC clubs.


2. Deck Boats

Features: Just like the name suggests, deck boats are designed with a large deck space and expanded bow area to maximize the seating and space for passengers. Though pontoons and deck boats both offer a lot of space, the biggest difference between the two types is that deck boats feature a v-shaped hull.

Best for: Entertaining, cruising, fishing, and more.

Where you’ll find them: Most FBC clubs.


3. Bowriders / Runabouts / Dual Consoles

Features: These boat types are all very similar and typically feature a seating section at the bow with an aft cockpit protected by a windshield. Although they are somewhat similar in appearance to deck boats, these boat types are generally more focused on performance compared to a deck boat.

Best for: Cruising, water sports, and more.

Where you’ll find them: Most FBC clubs.


4. Inshore Boats / Bay Boats / Skiffs

Features: Inshore / bay boats / skiffs are low-profile boats that operate well in shallow waters which is great for inshore fishing, but they also have enough stability for offshore use, making them a very versatile option.

Best for: Fishing and cruising.

Where you’ll find them: Typically in Coastal areas, though they are often also used in freshwater lakes.


5. Offshore Fishing Boats

Features: Offshore fishing boats are designed to safely handle open waters when heading offshore for a day of fishing or other water sports. They usually feature a center console, as well as a livewell and rod holders.

Best for: Going offshore for fishing or other water sports such as diving.

Where you’ll find them: Coastal areas.


Additional Boat Types

Depending on the geography and climate of your local club, you might also see these boat types:

Pilothouse Boats

Features: The most tell-tale sign of a pilothouse boat is the enclosed helm. This allows complete protection from the elements and makes it especially popular in cold climates, since members can enjoy boating even in less-than-ideal weather.

Best for: Entertaining (due to the enclosed helm area which often features a small table & seats), fishing, cruising.

Where you’ll find them: Northern areas and cooler climates.


Wake Boats

Features: Wake boats (also known as wake sports boats or tow boats) are boats that are specifically designed for watersports. The design of the boat creates waves and wakes that make it ideal for wake boarding, wake surfing, or tubing.

Best for: Water sports such as wake boarding and tubing, but also cruising, socializing and lounging.

Where you’ll find them: Lakes and inland locations.



Features: Sailboats are boats propelled partly or entirely by sails and wind, and are offered at select FBC locations.

Best for: Sailing, cruising and more.

Where you’ll find them: Select FBC locations, please connect with your local club for more information.


Remember, the fleet will vary by each Freedom Boat Club location. If you have questions about different boat types or want to know more about what is available at your Club, reach out to your local dock staff - our team is more than happy to help!

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