Easiest Way To Catch Trout In A Freedom Boat

We’re really excited to announce a 3-part video series on the easiest ways consistently catch saltwater fish from any of our boats (with the Salt Strong brothers).

In video one, the brothers reveal the fastest way to find fish in a new area with just one simple lure. You can see that video here:

In video two (coming soon), they use the wind to drift fish an area with crazy success.

Finally, in video three, they use live shrimp to show the best way to fish small bridges for mangrove snapper. That video will be coming soon as well.

For now, please enjoy video #1 by clicking the link below and be on the lookout for the next two videos.

Thank you and tight lines,

The Freedom Boat Club Team


A big shout out to our friends at, who created some great video content for us…specific to Freedom Members.  We're so glad how much they enjoy fishing on our boats. We know you will too!

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