Boat Ownership vs. Rental vs. Boat Club Membership?

There’s a difference between a boat club, rental operator and new/used boat dealer.

Each offers a great service to boaters, but each has its own unique focus, advantages and benefits.

Boat clubs are designed for folks who want to access a versatile fleet of boats on a regular basis, at an affordable cost of entry. Freedom Boat Club has thousands of late model boats nationwide. Year ‘round members have reciprocal access to 300+ locations in 34 states and Canada, including many in SW Florida! FBC provides free boat training through Coast Guard licensed captains. We don’t rent or sell boats, but we do take trades toward membership.

Boat rental operators rent boats, often in tourist destinations. Their focus is to make a boat available for one time or occasional usage. If the type and condition of the boat and engine hours don’t matter, the rental option may be your best bet.

Boat dealers sell new and/or used boats. If you plan to boat frequently and prefer to outfit yourself, ownership will make the most sense. Analyze the amount of time you plan to boat and the costs of ownership including storage, maintenance and service.

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