Boat Club Membership Socials

One of the unique aspects of being a Freedom Boat Club member is our calendar of monthly social events and member activities.

Our members enjoy dining together at popular restaurants with live entertainment. Sometimes, we’ll load up and take party boat cruises, or take trips to fun boating destinations. Dock parties are always favorites and we often host contests, like chili cook-offs or the best Halloween costumes.

We gather for area boating parades and community events. We’ve attended hockey games and charity functions. We’ve even hosted a celestial navigation event! It’s always something fun and exciting!

Once a month, we also host fishing seminars in partnership with West Marine or local captains and businesses. Our members are invited to come out and learn fishing tips and techniques from area fishing guides and experts.

Some of our clubs also sponsor a “fishing buddies” program where members can meet other anglers and fish together, and a “boating divas” program for female boaters.

Many of our members have made great new friends through our social activities. It’s fun to meet others who share the same passion for the boating and saltwater life!

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