Boat Club Expectations

We believe that days do not have to be ordinary and boating should be an escape rather than a nuisance. To us, boating is a way for people to relax, connect with friends and create powerful memories.

By providing a simple, hassle-free alternative to boat ownership, we declare that Freedom Boat Club members have these rights:

I. To expect clear, truthful advertising and an honest, no-pressure sales approach.

II. To expect that all membership documents will be clear and concise with no fine print.

III. To expect that all members of the staff and management team will be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

IV. To expect that our individualized training program will ensure a relaxed, safe and enjoyable experience for you on the water.

V. To expect a smooth, hassle-free reservation process that combines the latest technology with the personal touch of our helpful reservationist.

VI. To expect a clean, well-maintained fleet of boats in a sufficient supply and variety to accommodate the needs of all of our members.

VII. To be met at the dock with a smile and a warm greeting by a professional dock staff who are always willing to assist you.

VIII. To expect that the benefits of the club membership will extend well beyond the dock with regular social events and a value-added FBC Partnership Program.

IX. To expect that your personal information will be treated with respect and complete confidentiality.

X. To expect that your suggestions and concerns will be treated with respect and be given full consideration by our management team.

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