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Lake Wylie

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club

Lake Wylie

Unlimited boating on Lake Wylie begins here!

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What People Love About Us

FBC has more than exceeded our expectations. We chose FBC because of the ability to use other FBC locations in the network while we are vacationing, the quality of the boats, and the selection of boats. All of the boats look brand new and we are able to choose between several different options. We have really enjoyed being able to easily get out on the water with our children.

We chose Freedom Boat Club over the other options due to the quality and condition of the boats, as well as the number of reciprocal locations. The convenience and hassle-free approach to boating has be proved to be an awesome fit for us. We have been boating now in over 10 locations including San Diego, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine! What we have learned is that we are not just boat people, we are boat CLUB people!

My wife and I joined Freedom Boat Club in 2015. Having been a boat owner for over 20 years I was skeptical that this would be a good replacement to ownership. But after 3+ years it turned out to be a great decision. I think what has impressed me the most is the selection and availability of boats at Lake Norman and the reciprocal access across the country.

We joined the boat club last Fall and have enjoyed every minute of it. The staff is friendly, the boats are almost all new, and we haven't had any issues getting a boat when we need one. We previously owned two boats and year after year, it always about fixing something, the insurance, the wildlife sticker, etc...etc...etc..with the boat club, we're just paying slightly above the cost of a local slip and have none of those worries.

Our family has quickly fallen in love with the Freedom Boat Club experience. The staff is friendly and courteous, always willing to help and make accomodations where needed. The boats are clean, modern, and super fun. Our only regret is not joining sooner.

LOVE Freedom Boat Club. The service is amazing. The guys and gals at the dock work very hard to make our experience the best possible. The next best thing to owning your own boat. This is a great way to get to know the lake and enjoy the fantastic, new and well kept boats.