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Elliott Bay Marina

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club

Elliott Bay Marina

Boating Made Simple


We Take Care of It All...Including the Boats

We’ve taken care to select a variety of quality boats. And we always keep them clean and maintained. We also take care of the storage, insurance and repairs. So you can just focus on the fun!

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a 1x entry fee and choose one of our membership plans. Boat every day of the year. Or just weekdays. Some clubs may even have 3 and 6 month plans. And you can change your plan as the need arises.

Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, they’ll show you the waterways.


Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When you’re done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else!
Local Boats
What People Love About Us

"Amazing! We've been members for 1 1/2 years, and it's been the best investment in fun we've ever made. We love the awesome boats, the great service, awesome staff, and the hassle-fee way to enjoy boating without all of the hassles (or extra expences) of boat ownership. I love being able to go crabbing on day, lounge with friends on the pontoon boat the next, then wake board the next, all at an affordable price. I would HIGHLY recommend Freedom Boat Club to everyone who enjoys having fun on the water." –Jeff Stodola

"After 10 years of boat ownership, maintenance, insurance, registration, and repair costs I sold it! Earlier this year my friend and I discovered FBC Seattle and immediately fell in love with the concept. The reservation system is very easy. You can get last minute reservations or waitlist a day if you need to. We have been out almost weekly since joining with no trouble finding available boats. Nick is a great owner and very active with his members. You really do own the water not the boat!" –Melody Hutchinson

"I've been in other boat clubs and I've owned boats. No doubt that Freedom Boat Club is the best way to get on the water in Seattle and Kirkland easily and affordably. It's awesome to go play on the water for an afternoon and just come back and turn in the keys. Nick and the staff are extremely accommodating. The boats are in immaculate shape. I couldn't recommend FBC any higher. Don't hesitate. Go for it. You know you want to. And you won't regret it." –Justin Marx

We joined the Freedom Boat Club at the end of summer 2017. We have been very happy and It has surpassed our expectations in every way. The boats are great, the staff are awesome and the reservation system is fair. When you return the boat you just pay for the fuel you have used and then literally walk away. The crew cleans and refuels the boat. Quick. Easy. Hassle free. My friend has a boat and we spend an hour messing around after pulling it out of the water or even after just docking it. I kept wondering if there would be a catch but there really isn't. It truly is hassle free boating."–David Houseberg

“Freedom Boat Club is a game changer. My husband and I were thinking about buying a boat but after outlining the costs and time needed for boat ownership, we decided to check out the club instead and were sold in minutes. Everyone who works here is extremely friendly and helpful; they go above and beyond to make sure each boat outing is a safe and fun one. Not having to worry about the maintenance of a vessel makes each adventure that much more enjoyable. Joining was seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Nick and team, you guys are incredible.” –Shawn Wallen