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Panama City Lighthouse Marina

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club

Lighthouse Marina & Boatyard

Exciting, Idealistic and Entertaining

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Joined the club a week ago. Never been to the Panama City location. Staff was very friendly and advised me on the best spot to go for the family. The boat was clean and everything ran perfectly. On the way back Mason was waiting at the fuel dock like he said with a cart waiting.

Great company. The boats are clean and safe. One of best investments I have made. They take all the work and worry away. I just book, pull up, walk to my boat and I'm gone. A bonus points is they have locations just about everywhere.

We love being members of the Freedom Boat Club in Panama City Beach and it’s well worth the investment! They have new or almost brand new boats to operate and a variety of boats to choose from depending on your boating intentions and the number of friends and family you bring along. The staff couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating! They make boating easy whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boater.