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Hutchinson Island

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club

Hutchinson Island

We buy & maintain the boats... you just enjoy them


We Take Care of It All...Including the Boats

We’ve taken care to select a variety of quality boats. And we always keep them clean and maintained. We also take care of the storage, insurance and repairs. So you can just focus on the fun!

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a one-time entry fee and select one of our membership plans. Your local Club will have a variety of plans to match your recreational boating needs.


Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, they’ll show you the waterways.


Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When you’re done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else!
Local Boats
What People Love About Us

Our family outings with Freedom Boat Club encourage young captains, ocean explorers, sand architects, marine biologists—and give us real life experiences that we believe are better than Disney World!

We always owned boats of our own. But the boat club is such a better way to be boaters. You arrive, they help you on, you enjoy your day, they help you to your car and you go home. No cleaning of the boat, flushing the engines etc.

We love FBC as it grants us the possibility of being able to enjoy the great outdoors South Florida has to offer. We have the benefit of utilizing different boats for different engagements: family gatherings on the pontoon, the offshore to do some fishing and the center console for an all around great day of pleasure boating down the Intracoastal, doing some light fishing or enjoying a favorite sandbar. The staff is polite and helpful. The ability to not have to worry about trailering a boat and or dry storage is another huge benefit. It makes boat “ownership” fun and affordable.

As a former boat owner, this makes for a stress free day! We don’t have to worry about storage, gas, engine failure, live-well not working, hauling the boat, or even cleaning the boat. Without all that stress, the days are just much more enjoyable - all you have to worry about is catching fish!

Our favorite part of being an FBC member is being able to go out on several kinds of boats at the drop of a hat. Whether we want to go on the ocean in a center console, go for a stroll along the Intracoastal in a pontoon, or for a quick run in one of the dual consoles, we can take our pick!

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